CPC Regional Library Poetry Contest

Thanks to everyone that entered a poem in our Poetry Contest. We received a lot of really good poems and it was a hard decision to just pick 3 from each age group. 

The following prizes are awarded winners in each age group.
1st Place $35.00 Amazon Gift Card
2nd Place $25.00 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Place $15.00 Amazon Gift Card

We encourage everyone to keep writing and dreaming.

Here are our winners!

Children Up to 12 Years Old

1st Place
Jacqueline A Marshall
I Hate Poetry

I was told to write a poem, but *yawn*, that's not for me!

I like books, and movies, and dragons, but poems? Thanks, I'll pass, that's not for me. 

I was told to write a poem, but I'm eleven, and that's boring, I'm not trying to offend you! It's just, that's not for me. 

I'll make up an excuse, or maybe three, just as long as I don't have to write any poetry! "I must go fold laundry," I'll say with a grin. "Smooth," they'll replay, obviously not buying it. But I've told you, I won't change my mind, that's just not for me! 

I suppose the root of my problems with poems, start with the lies. "Poetry is great!" they say. I'll snort, "Ive never seen you read any!" that's because they don't want to be left out. One person says they love poetry, the another does, and another! It's just a never-ending cycle. *sigh* That's not for me!

I was told to write a poem but - actually, I kind of enjoyed this! Huh, that's weird. I guess, after all this, some poetry is for me!

Jacqueline's 5 random words: yawn, fold, root, pass and smooth

2nd Place
Avery Jones

Why Take the Blame

You may think you stoop too low,
But really you try to take the blow.
Always taking the blame for me,
I just want you to be free.

If I get in trouble you are near
You'll always take the fall and persevere. 
Your reputation is damaged now!
How can this be able to allow?

Everyone says you are the ugliest . . .
But I say I'm the luckiest . . .
To have a friend like you!
Your kindness meter flew!

I would say, you take the cake of kind
But you don't like cake, so let me remind,
You take the bread of kind. 

Avery's 5 random words: ugliest, stoop, bread, damaged and near

3rd Place
Elsie Benners
Elsie's Poem*

left daddy
moon help
describe all gone
nourish airplane
society Reese

*Mom Note: Elsie is two and doesn't speak all that well. So, I gave her a word and asked her to respond verbally or select a flashcard. Anyway, this is pretty good because my husband works on base programming aircraft simulators and she hangs out all day with me and our dog Reese. Her dad normally comes home when the moon is out. 

Elsie's 5 random words: left, moon, describe, nourish and society

Young Adult - 13 to 18 Years Old
(only one entry was received for this age group)

1st Place
Ziayre Miller

One day I went outside with a coat
It was so rainy thought I needed a boat
And then I slipped
I think I broke my leg
I felt lopsided no need to worry
So nauseous my eyes got blurry
I grabbed my desk I need to get up
I think I got Hit with a HAMMER

Ziayre's 5 random words: hammer, coat, leg, lopsided and worry.

Adult - 19 + Years Old

1st Place
Rebecca Benners

Trip to the Moon

There you are - the moon
I can hang a boot from.
That how my grandmother
would say you looked. 
I describe you that way, too
but the description is much less
than what I mean. 

Because when I say the
moon looks like you can hang a boot from it
I think about her.
She was no society woman
but she knew who she was.
Her confident scurry left no one
wondering what she was about.
- Especially when it came to us. 

She was also not a cook.
Unless you count mickey mouse pancakes.
But she would nourish us in other ways.
Filling our minds with stories and psalms.
A shrewd eye and sharp tongue
That I am amazed I did not hear more often
But she could no more stab herself in the eye
than injure the apple of it. 

Looking at the moon, next she'd comment about rain
then take my hand
And we'd go where ever it was we went. 
Now I take my own daughter's hand
to do more of the same as I return
from my trip to the moon.

Rebecca's 5 random words: left, moon, describe nourish and society

2nd Place
Pamela Weber

If a blue jay could talk,
He'd offer this advice.
Don't be fooled by his hue,
When you see him, think twice.

What you see is not real.
But don't question your sight.
It is Mother Nature Playing tricks with the light.

At any rate, take note,
Melanin is to blame.
All feathers aren't alike
But blue, his claim to fame.

If a blue jay could talk,
He would want you to know,
If not for this wonder,
He might be a crow.

Pamela's 5 random words: alike, rate, slight, offer and blue

And tied for 3rd Place
3rd Place
Tawana Jenkins

Oh how the devil can shine
Shine so bright
Smile so sweet
But just a little while
Until he's ready to beat

Beat Babies
Be Wife
Beat Spirit
Beat Life

I began to look in the mirror
And try to figure out
Who is this stranger I see
Then I realized that the stranger is me

He tried to break me
But I would just bend
He didn't realize 
That I'm a Strong Black Queen
And I will rise again

Tawana's 5 random words: peace, love, empathy, courage and wisdom

3rd Place
Heather McCloud-Huff


Mist hung over the fields still 
   in the early morning,
As we loaded on to the bus.
The leaves on the corn stalks were
   sharp like metal and cut our arms,
Though not enough to make them bleed.
Finished with our work by the afternoon, 
   we should have taken a nap.
But instead we lounged beneath the fan,
   trying to stay cool,
Watching soap operas on the tiny silver screen.

Heather's 5 random words: metal, mist, fan, silver and nap

Library Staff Poems

1st Place 
Wendy Posen
The forest is changing from winter to spring
A deer pauses at the edge
of a wooded path, judging if it is safe
Perhaps the wind is too strong today
the breeze that seems to push
of its own accord
The scent of pine needles, so strong,
can be so beckoning, leads him to jump
He will not slip, the footing is well known
Yet, what will befall the deer behind him
all whom he has nurtured for a long and bitter winter
they seem to push on with too much daring
with the confidence of youth, not the wisdom of memory
Like a guiding spirit from above,
the wind will stop and inhale until all have found their way

Wendy's random words: inhale, push, be, befall, slip

2nd Place
Jewel Smith

God's Gifts

I'm not a weather expert,
Nor do I care to be.
But I do love the seasons,
And what they mean to me.

In winter, a dark cloud I see,
And excited as a child I'll be,
While waiting for a delicate flake
Of snow to fall so silently. 

In spring I savor the earthy smell
Of rain on freshly plowed earth.
And anticipate the beautiful flowers
In a brand new birth.

Autumn is my favorite,
The season I love best.
Witnessing the colorful changing of leaves,
Reminds me I am blessed.

Summer is for sunny days,
Lazily lounging in the shade.
Water slides and beachy tides
Are memories I have made.

No, I'm not a weather expert.
A meteorologist I'll never be.
But that's OK, I don't mind.
Enjoying God's gifts each season
Is always enough for me!

Jewel's random words: expert, rain, cloud, savor and excited

3rd Place
Amy Tattersall

My Prayer As My Baby Girl Naps

As my baby girl naps
with dreams full of endless hope
the metal fan blades whirl
stirring the afternoon spring air.

I recall misty memories
of swinging screen doors
thrown open by quicksilver big brothers
coming home from school
bounding out again to play ball.

I ache for the family from my past
dare hope for a transcendent future
moving all of us forward
with past hurts resolved
all of us together.

This is my loving prayer,
sent off into the breeze
as my baby girl naps.

Amy's random words: metal, mist, fan, silver and nap