NC Student Connect Hotspot Lending

These devices are provided by the State Library of North Carolina and the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources to address Internet connectivity gaps that are a barrier to remote learning for many North Carolina Students.

A hotspot is a device that provides a wireless Internet connection using cellular data. The Orbic Speed hotspot uses Verizon’s cellular data network, with an unlimited connection. The strength of the connection is dependent on the Verizon connection at any given location. Not all locations in our area will have a strong connection.

The Wifi network name and password is printed on the label on the back. This is the information needed to connect devices to the hotspot. The hotspot comes with a USB charging cable, wall charger, and a few paper inserts about using the device and safety notices. As educational devices, content filtering has been enabled and not all websites will be reachable (social media and streaming services may be blocked).

Download the User Guide

Circulation Rules

  • 2 week check-out, one renewal if no one is waiting
  • Requires adult card or parent or guardian to sign for child
  • Must read & agree to Electronic Device Guidelines
  • Return inside the library, not in the book drop
  • Replacement fee of $80 if lost or damaged ($15 for replacement of charging cable and/or wall plug)
  • The device will be remotely deactivated if not returned on time