June 2021

Amy Tattersall

Congratulations to Amy Tattersall, the CPRL June Employee of the Month!

Amy Tattersall of New Bern.  Since reopening the library to the public and having to do so much extra cleaning, the New Bern Library staff have been using reusable rags and disinfecting spray.  Amy has taken it upon herself to gather the cleaning cloths each week (sometimes multiple times in a week) and take them home to wash.  Doing weekly laundry for the library is certainly going above and beyond her job responsibilities.  Amy is kind to fellow staff, willing to help patrons at all times, and dedicated to CPRL. She has empathy and compassion for the patrons who struggle, and keeps calm when faced with tense patron.  As  a reference library assistant Amy is quick to give tech instruction to library patrons, help find a book, and word a resume. She does not like to let anyone leave the library without feeling they have completed their research. Amy has taken on doing programming for the SRP and gives input on programming when requested. She is a phenomenal CPRL employee and deserves the Employee of the month.

Pictured (left to right): Victor Jones, Katherine Clowers, Nicole Vandiford, Amy Tattersall, and Ken Carbonell

May 2021

Shannon Callen

Congratulations to Shannon Callen, the CPRL May Employee of the Month!

Shannon is the Pamlico Young Adult Librarian and has been working in the Pamlico Library on a part time basis. During this time she has processed 1800 new library card requests for the Craven Pamlico Region and created 16 YA programs/events for Pamlico and the Region. I have been impressed by her exemplary customer service skills, organizational proficiency and her consistent attention to details.  Pamlico has received many compliments from patrons regarding her customer service and willingness to assist.  She is a fabulous employee, a huge asset to CPRL and is so deserving of this award and recognition.

Pictured (left to right): Katherine Clowers, Shannon Callen, and Ken Carbonell

April 2021

Melanie Germon

Congratulations to Vanceboro’s Melanie Germon who is CPRL’s first Employee of the Month Recipient! 

Melanie was recognized as the April 2021 Employee of the Month for stepping up to the plate in many ways to benefit not only library patrons, but also her co-workers. She has stepped outside of her comfort zone to facilitate a book discussion group and is willing to learn new skills and try new tasks. Recently she created new genre related bookmarks and a new tri-fold brochure which have been great additions for her library. She is always willing to maneuver her schedule to help out a fellow coworker and has donated many new titles from her family's collection to help the young adult and juvenile sections at her library have more appeal to patrons. Her hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Melanie!

Pictured (left to right): Melanie Germon and Regional Board Chair Jason Jones.