Friday Virtual Storytime

March 24, 2023,


Join us every Friday for a Virtual Storytime

March is shaping up in celebration of Youth Art Month! 
Miss Pam reads with permission from Scholastic Publishers, Friendshape, written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld
Ms. Shirin gives a tour of the beautiful artwork our young patrons have shared with us. 
Join Miss Pam and Buddy Bunny on an "I Spy" game to find the shapes that make up our friends' artwork decorating our walls. We still invite young artists to bring in their masterpieces to be displayed at your local library! 
Keep a watchful eye out for Tick-Tock Mouse as he runs up and down the clock during "Time to Rhyme." 
And don't forget to let your little light shine with Toady the Frog while singing "This Little Light of Mine."

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