Board of Trustees

The Craven-Pamlico Regional Library Board of Trustees is appointed to set policies and oversee the operation of the Library. Trustees receive no payment for their service. The Trustees Regional Board meets the third Tuesday  quarterly.  The meetings are open to the public. The meeting agenda includes an opportunity for audience members to address the Board.

CPRL has an advisory board at each library location. Advisory boards are composed of accomplished experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives who advise the Regional Board on budgetary and policy decisions. Meeting quarterly, CPRL advisory boards provide strategic direction, guide quality improvement, and assess program effectiveness for the library they represent.

Cove City Meetings - Second Monday of January, April, July, October at 6:30 pm

Havelock Meetings - Fourth Wednesday of January, April, July, October at 12:00 pm

New Bern Meetings- First Tuesday of alternate months - February, April, June, August, October, and December at 5:30 pm

Pamlico Meetings - First Wednesday of January, April, July, October at 4:00 pm

Vanceboro- Fourth Tuesday of January, April, July, October at 6:30 pm

  • Craven-Pamlico Regional Library Board of Trustees

    Craven County

    Chair Jason Jones Commissioner

    Judy Bird, Vice-Chair

    Commissioner George Liner


    Pamlico County

    John Prescott

    Ann Whitman

    Commissioner Doug Brinson

  • New Bern - Craven County Library Board of Trustees
    Blaine Staat – Chairman

    Jessica Spencer – Vice-Chairman

    Carol Becton

    Sam Carter

    Shelley Maloy

    Tere Otero

    Carter Ann Rollins

    Bo Wernersbach

    ET Mitchell – Commissioner

    Sabrina Bengel – Alderman
  • Cove City – Craven County Library Board of Trustees

    Theresa Hodges

    Jason Jones

    John Carroll Hawkins

    Jean Davenport

    City Appointments

    Dred Mitchell

    Nannette Walston-Moore

    James Ludwig

    Michael McCoy, Jr.

    Cove City Board of Trustees 2022 Meetings:
    Mondays at 6:30 pm
    January 10, 2022
    April 11, 2022
    July 11, 2022
    October 17, 2022


  • Havelock –Craven County Library Board of Trustees

    Regular public meeting schedule: 4th Wednesday of January, April, July, October

    City Appointees

    Judy Bird, Chair

    Colleen Flori

    Dorothy Usa

    Karen Lewis

    County Appointees

    Joe Meadows

    Jennettia Drake

    William Sherman

    George Liner, CC Board of Commissioners rep

  • Pamlico County Library Board of Trustees
    Mrs. Jennifer Alcock (CC)

    Mrs. Ann Whitman (CC)

    Mr. John Prescott (BOE)

    Ms. Sherri Hale (BOE)

    Mrs. Marva Fisher Baldwin (CC)

    Ben Bowditch, Chair (CC,BA)

    Mr. Gene Dudley (BOE)

    Commissioner Doug Brinson (CC)

    Non-Voting Members
    Ms. Lisa Jackson, Superintendent (BOE)
    Ms. Jennifer Baker, PCHS, 
    Pamlico County Board of Education School Librarian
    Mr. Henry Rice , Principal (PCHS), Pamlico County High School

    CC = County Commissioner appointed
    BOE = Board of Education appointed
    BA = Board Appointee approved by CC

  • Vanceboro – Craven County Library Board of Trustees

    County Appointments

    Thomas F. Mark

    Joan Bryant

    Denise Smith

    Della Copeland “Marlene”

    Julie Cannon

    City Appointments

    Keith Cannon

    Mary Fillingame

    Carolyn Russell

    Vanceboro Board of Trustees 2022 Meetings
    Tuesdays at 6:30 pm
    January 25, 2022
    April 26, 2022
    July 26, 2022
    October 25, 2022


Board of Trustees Documents

Bylaws for CP Regional Library

CPRL Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Library Management Competencies

CPRL 2021-2022 Budget (pdf)


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 Our most asked question: 
What is my PIN? Answer: The last four digits of your phone number


Are the Libraries open?
All 5 CP Regional Library buildings are open. Curbside pickup of materials is also still available. Please call your local library for more information.

When will in-person events at the Library resume?
We now have in-person events again at the libraries.  Please check our event calendar for current programs.

May I use the Library’s WiFi outside the library buildings?
Access to our wireless network is available from outside library buildings where connections permit.

What is my PIN for my account?
The last four digits of your phone number.

How do I renew my checked-out library materials?
There are a couple of ways to renew your materials. 1) Over the phone by calling your library during regular operating hours, 2) Log into your library account at (you’ll need your library card number and the last four digits of your phone number) and 3)come by any CPR Library.

May I place a hold on library materials?
Yes, you may call the library or place a hold online. Any items currently being held for patrons will be available to check out at Curbside Pick-Up or you may come in during library hours to pick up your material.

What e-resources can I access online?
We have a wealth of digital resources available for free 24/7 with a Library card. Visit our resources page, to learn more.

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