New Bern Summer Reading Programs for All Ages

Tuesday, June 1 - June 30, 2021 - Spot the Animal Bingo
Cats? See them all the time. Geese? Just look out the window. Deer? They show up in front yards. Animals are everywhere! You see dozens of animals every day, so why not win prizes for it? Compete in the New Bern Public Library’s Spot the Animal Bingo Contest, open to all ages! See Details Here

Monday, June 14 - Saturday, July 31, 2021 - Tails and Tales Pet Photo Contest
We love our pets, and we have great stories about them! Compete in CPRL’s Tails and Tales Pet Photo Contest! Prizes include goodie bags with amazing 3D printed animals and pet health record books! Contestants must be residents of Craven or Pamlico counties. See Details Here.

New Bern-Craven County Public Library is helping Colonial Capital Humane Society collect food, toys, and cleaning items. Stop by the New Bern Public Library during business hours to donate these requested supplies so that pet tails can find forever homes to hear literary tales! The collection will start on June 14, 2021, and run until July 31, 2021.

Children's Summer Reading Programs

Space is limited. Please register for all programs by calling the New Bern Library @ 252-638-7815

Preschool Read-to-Me Storytime
Join us each Tuesday @ 10:30am during June and July for our Summer Reading Program’s Preschool “Read-to-Me” Storytime…Tails and Tales!
We will begin our journey exploring the world of bookish beasts and those amazing creatures on the wild side. Then we will discover a few backyard bandits and our final destination…There’s no place like home! Stories, rhymes, music & movement, and so much more!!!

Tails and Tales K-2nd Grades Session

Week 2 - Libraries are no place for lions! Or are they? Come find out as we follow a precocious lion on his adventures in the stacks! Then get into the spirit and become a wild animal yourself as we make our own unique facemasks!

Week 3 - Will Armadillo ever learn his lesson? Join us as we read a story about our short-tailed friend and his hijinks around the watering hole! Then let’s get in on the action as we make our own movable armadillos!

Week 4 - Why would an old raggedy pair of slippers possibly mean so much to the distinguished “tiger king”? Come find out as we enjoy this classic folktale and then learn to make a beautiful memory box of our own!

Week 5 - It’s time for some fun down on the farm! Join us as we catch up with eleven lazy llamas that must come to the rescue. No time for laziness during this week’s activity! Let us show you how to make your own colorful decorative suncatcher.

Week 6 - True beauty is within! Join Blackbird and Ringdove as we journey to Africa for this traditional tale from Zambia. Afterwards, settle in as we learn to craft a beautiful black bird of our own!

Week 7 - Hard times have come to Hare and his family, and now he must use his wits to come out on top! Come along as we join Hare and the lazy Bear on a bargain that’s sure to entertain! Then grow a green thumb as we show you how to plants seeds with your very own gardening pot!

Week 8 - Join us down under for a rip-roaring culinary tour through Australia! Grandma Poss’s bush magic has turned Hush invisible, and now she must search out the perfect recipe to make her visible again! Stick around and we’ll show you how to make your very own one-of-a-kind “Magic Stars” jar!

Week 9 - Have you ever heard of a library mouse? Well, get ready for a charming tale featuring a library mouse named Sam, who finds friendship in the most unexpected of places. Then join in the fun as we teach you how to write and illustrate a book of your very own!

Tails and Tales 3rd-5th Grades Session

Week 2 - Our zoo animal theme continues this week with a well-loved story about a gentle giant who wishes to escape his confines. With today’s activity, you learn how to construct the perfect escape for our hero and his friends.

Week 3 - This week’s program will be an adventure you don’t want to miss! Join us for the story of an explorer on a mission, and then follow along as we craft a special traveling vessel and discuss great explorers.

Week 4 - Cool off from the heat of summer with us as we journey to The Very, Very Far North for this week’s Tails and Tales program. You will also be able to transform a paper plate into an arctic animal. Which animal will you choose…A polar bear, owl, or fox?

Week 5 - Did you know that the word pourquoi is French for “why?” This week we will be reading a Pourquoi tale that explains how the elephant got his trunk. You will also create your own elephant masks…long trunk and all!

Week 6 - Snakes, Pigs, and Cows…Oh my!! When you think of pets, what animals come to mind? Maybe not the three animals mentioned above, but that’s exactly the kind of unusual pets our main character’s neighbor keeps in this week’s story. Join us as we explore “unusual” pets and learn fun facts about a number of animals. Complete this week’s activity to receive a small prize!

Week 7 - Today (July 14) we celebrate the birthday of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt by talking about his favorite animal – cats! Our activities will include a book talk for The Cats of Roxville Station by Jean Craighead George and a viewing of some of Gustav Klimt’s famous paintings. We will then make our own Klimt-inspired cat portraits using some of the art techniques the artist made famous.

Week 8 - Join us for a very special tale about a famous, four-legged World War I hero. Learn about the history of notable past pets in the military. You may be surprised to know one or two already! We will show you how to craft your very own “pet medal” to celebrate a family pet or other favorite animal.

Week 9 - A brave mouse, a covetous rat, a wishful serving girl, and a princess named Pea come together for our final week of Tails & Tales in this Newbery Medal–winning tale. We will host a special “Tails & Tales” trivia game for all participants. Complete the activity sheet for a chance to win a prize!

Facebook LIVE Storytime

Join Miss Pam, Toady, and Tick Tock each week during June and July for our Summer Reading Program’s Virtual Early Literacy Storytime…Tails and Tales!

We will share stories, rhymes, and music & movement about those amazing wild creatures and some lovable furry friends.

Only available on Facebook!