External Links Policy
Adopted November 18, 2014

CP Regional Library websites includes links to external websites based on their usability and suitability for our users. Links should reflect the mission of the CP Regional Library “to acquire, organize and provide ready access to a variety of resources and services that help fulfill the informational, educational and recreational needs of the citizens of Craven and Pamlico Counties.”

The addition of a link to an external website does not reflect an endorsement by the CP Regional Library for any product, service, policy, or opinion. The CP Regional Library is not responsible for the content of external websites, including those databases to which the Library subscribes.

Preferred criteria for linking include official government, public education, or non-profit organization websites. For-profit websites that sell products and services are generally not included, even if those sites offer relevant information.
Linking to an external website is made at the discretion of the staff of the CP Regional Library. The Library reserves the right to remove any link at any time without notice or cause.

Appeals of any initial determination by CP staff may be appealed to the local library board with all final appeals to be determined by the CP Regional Library Board.