CPRL has seen a surge in our book usage and anticipate further increases especially in “new books.”. In order to maintain the best possible service for the greatest number of users, we have therefore placed a limit on new book checkouts as a way to increase the number of new books available and reduce wait times for all patrons. “The policy to limit new books to five checkouts existed prior to the pandemic.  The limit was not enforced on print materials after COVID due to lower foot traffic in the CPRL libraries” states Kat Clowers, CPRL Regional Director, “Excitedly, we have seen a huge increase in people visiting the library and checking out books in print.”

Each CPRL patron is being asked to limit their checkouts of new books to 5 at a time per category. Additionally, each patron is also asked to place no more than 5 holds at a time on new books per category. For example, a patron may checkout 5 books in new adult fiction, 5 in new young adult and 5 in new easy books.

While we know this will be an adjustment for some current users, we believe it will allow us to offer a better service for the greatest number of users and will provide shorter wait times and broader access to our books for everyone. Therefore, CPRL will begin applying a 5 book limit on “new books” onMonday, October 31st.

Don’t forget that you can always return early. As soon as you return an item you can check out a new one.

For comments or concerns email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact kat Clowers, Regional Director, at 252-638-7812.