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Diverse Voices Book Club

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October’s Book: My Soul Looks Back: A Memoir by Jessica B. Harris

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The following webinar is now available for viewing until November 21, 2022:
Migrations 2: North Carolinians on the Move presented by Diane L. Richard

Recorded Monday, October 17 at 7 p.m.
Reconstruction and early 20th Century Migration -- Throughout history many of those who stepped foot in North Carolina have migrated into, across and out of the state. Reconstruction and the early 20th century accelerated certain types of out migration from the state. The economic devastation created by the Civil War and the needs of those formerly enslaved to reconnect with far flung family members resulted in many leaving North Carolina. Increasing discrimination against African Americans, World War I, and the depression found many more North Carolina families fragmented as some members moved to the Norfolk-Portsmouth area, or New York City, or locations with robust factory-based economies – either as part of the “Great Migration” or those just seeking opportunities unavailable in North Carolina. We’ll explore the factors leading to out migration from NC, efforts to replenish the workforce, and how we might link “back to NC” from where its former citizens ended up.