CP Regional Library Poetry Contest

Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to our winners!

The following prizes are awarded winners in each age group.
1st Place $35.00 Amazon Gift Card
2nd Place $25.00 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Place $15.00 Amazon Gift Card

We encourage everyone to keep writing and dreaming.

Here are our winners!

Children Up to 12 Years Old

1st Place
Avery Leanny Hoyle
It is twilight.
In the night it is soft like a pillow.
And the only dare that I shall face has put a spell on me.
So I can't remember you see.
Even so the lasers in my mind are hurting me
I need a break with all the things in my head.

Avery's 5 random words: laser, spell, soft, twilight and dare.

2nd Place
Kai Landon Fisher

I'd much prefer a pole to a hole.
In a hole it is black as night.
On a pole you can see the bay alight.
On a pole I can seize the moon.
In a hole I will see a baboon.
In a hole I cannot hear a song.
The pole is definitely where I belong.

Kai's 5 random words: pole, prefer, bay, belong and seize

3rd Place
Logan Hoyle
A red bird flys by me
Its leg got hurt so it fell
I caught it
I reformed its leg
So it can fly
I helped it feel secure
With a little push
One day it flew away

Logan's 5 random words: red, push, secure, reform and leg

Young Adult - 13 to 18 Years Old

1st Place
Aria Noelle Canady

goose chase

toward the fire we run
mystical flames atop charred wood
miles miles miles
before our legs give out
the farther we run
the farther the fire retreats
we sit and sit
longing to touch the enchanting sparks
watching the blaze recur
two lapping about as if teasing
we realize we will never make it
but we keep running
because the possibility
is better than giving up
so forever and ever
toward the fire we run

Aria's 5 random words: fire, goose, two, enchanting and recur.

2nd Place
Emily Waller

My Little Red House

I love my little red house
Not to tight not to bright
I love the way the butterfly's flitter and flutter about
For they too saw the hazel grouse
A graceful winged creature like no other
Yes the grouse, oh the grouse
Has wings with amazing color
There are always new things to discover
By my little red house

Many folk come and go
Along the road in front of my little red house
Where the lilies bend and low
and the daffodils still cope with the wind
Where butterflies are hovering
And the grouse builds its nest
Is where my little red house is
Come and visit me at my little read house

Emily's 5 random words: butterfly, house, discover, folk and cope.

Adult - 19 + Years Old

1st Place
Lilly M Krcmar

Where do you go old woman with your
sad eyes
I have seen you before in your simple

like a sufi dancer gliding one step
forward, sidestep, next,

A slight twirl or was it your balance on
The broken pavement, pieces scattered
like your life now

The marble smooth floors you once
danced upon gliding in his arms
Memories like steps classify as dance
One step forward, then one side left

Go home old woman with your sad eyes
Don't you know the dance is over
Day is gone, the last ray of sun
swallowed by night

Lilly's 5 random words: ray, marble, go classify and simple.

2nd Place
Rebecca Benners

But lo what is on my mind?
A spilling of ideas.
They slip and flop upon the floor:
Too slick and fast to recover.
I am at a loss.
I scratch my head.
What is it that other folks do at these times?

I reflect on my life's center now: motherhood.
But sometimes it seems like
my child will birth herself like a butterfly:
I am here and it is good
But from here on out, I am of less and less consequence.

There is a whole world out there
Which will be unlike what is in this house.
How will she cope with it all?
That will be up to her to discover.

She'll eat the leaves she wishes.
She'll spin her cocoon.
Let's hope the leaves are pure
And the branch she'll choose is safe.

I am the helper now and not the maker.
Is that how it's actually always been?

In the meanwhile, I will pick up my worries
All the little flittery giblets of notions
And tuck them back in an apron pocket
Tack the button in place and go see what is she is doing
While my thoughts threaten to distract me.

For while she is not very fast,
Her legs grow more so every day
And time threatens to outpace us all.

Rebecca's 5 random words: butterfly, cope, folk, discover, house

3rd Place
Sloan Addamsway
Grandfather clock
Ticks by
The slow passage of time.
Counting seconds,
Counting down to nothing.
No matter how many ticks have tocked
We are all still stuck
In the present moment.
And yet
Grandfather clock
Still tiks and still toks.
An important task,
Keeping us on track,
But it receives no praise.
Not even when the sun shines
Through the window
Spilling light on the ornate carvings,
Shiny brass pendulums,
Inside the spotless glass case.
An antique
Visible from the street
That no one wants.
No one stops their commute
To peruse.
They just don't have
The time.

Sloan's 5 random words: grandfather, time, present, praise and light

Honorable Mention
Pamela Weber

In his mansion on the hill
The rich man settles in to count
The treasures of his fortune
Whose power is paramount.

Coins of gold and silver balance
On his calibrated scales
As the line to the soup kitchen below
Is proof that poverty prevails.

But still the counting continues
And lines continue to grow.
Men and women, young and old
Do you not see; do you not know?

The choice is yours of course dear sir
To spend your money as you please,
But consider the pains of hunger
A simple act of kindness can ease.

Pamela's 5 random words: balance, please, choice, gold and rich.

Library Staff

1st Place
Travis Green
Darkness Cometh Alive

Haggard wanderer of the deep, brimming with filth-fueled mirth,
     How come you to my door?
I've waited, waited, five nights for the bright-burning sun,
     to lick its lips across my sill,
     to make the cold things new—
          and replenish the warmth of a sick-swollen heart
Alas, only darkness cometh alive, beating in at my door,
Her eyes of sackcloth and coal,
The hem of her windswept dress,
     split by a nature soiled red in tooth and claw,
     her only decadent food the souls of stupor,
     drowning in their loathsome iniquity,
     fit only for the fresh-stoked fires of hell
Heathen of the dark, how come for me now—
     when dawn doth promise to color my night?
Grow not faint, my rickety heart,
     oh galleon grown sloppy on dark waters,
For she comes at your weakest, when night blooms ripe without stars;
     we aren't meant to wander forever,
     within her wicked lusty-lipped embrace
The door must go unanswered,
     hold tight the padlock of thine slippery heart,
     give not your touch, give not your taste

Travis's random words: coal, sloppy, grow, food and five

2nd Place
Amy Tattersall

Quick Glance

As the folk singer’s butterfly tattoo slipped out
     revealed for everyone in the house to see,
My inner discovery --
That everyone
From artist to professor
Has to cope, if not hope
That we recognize real beauty
     Emerging like that butterfly
     That’s now free from its sleeve

Amy's random words: butterfly, house, cope, discovery, folk

3rd Place
Wendy Rosen

On Writing
I cannot write in the pastoral setting
The sunrise should bring inspiration
Even if I wait, the flowers have no message
One old tree, wise beyond its years

Observes the empty page, bereft of writing and thoughts.

I can only write on the subway
Amidst the forgetfulness and haste which others make
The pen flies and thoughts repeat onwards
Each sketch on the paper brings sudden creativity
Rough-hewn but real, I am the artist of the human story.

Wendy's random words: sketch, repeat, make, sunrise and wait