.Love Your Library

National Library Lovers Month
is celebrated for the entire month of February! That’s right, love is in the air not just because of Valentine’s Day, but also for library lovers all around the world. The month is dedicated to the people who love the buildings, halls, or rooms that house numerous collections of books, history and information. We invite you to tell us why you love your library!
Why do you love your library? Tell Us!

I love the Craven Library as I am allowed to borrow all the most wonderful books that I want. The library personnel are friendly and welcoming and sometimes the techs even help me with computer problems. A most wonderful place to be!

Jean Davenport

I cannot list all of the reasons why I love Pamlico library. The staff is always warm and welcoming. Mrs. Frantastic is amazing. It feels like our home away from home as my kids have basically grown up in those four walls. My kids have learned so many lessons there. We have had countless adventures just by cracking open books in that building. These are just some of the many reasons why this place

Crystal Carey

I love the services our library provides…from interlibrary loan of books, quilling classes, loan of baking pans, and more to Smart Start games and toys!  It’s a wonderful place with wonderful people! 

Luann Rottmann

Love my library Ladies in Vanceboro! Always so helpful, caring, considerate, and fun!!

Jackie Dudley

Joe Toon love these lovely Libraries that He visit week after week, month after month and year after year.This informative Library have always been a highly,engaging Plave to travel all around the world

Joe Eli Toon

I love my library because storytimes are so much fun!

Penny Smith

Why do you love your library? Tell Us!